Fruit Smoothie Blender

I find there has been a huge craze in these past several years in getting fit and eating healthy. It is a fantastic thing for society but I feel that sometimes it can get a bit out of control for people. Take my sister for example.

Three years ago, my sister weighed 180 pounds and for a girl that was 5’5”, yes, she was in fact a bit overweight. She has always struggled with her weight and it has always been a horrible issue for her ever since she was a little girl. On and off she tried a bunch of diets but kept falling back into her old ways of not working out and not eating properly.

I really feared for her, but kept reminding her that she still looked great and she was nowhere near the level of obesity of some people in our country. However, once she got engaged, she vowed she was going to fit into a smaller sized wedding dress and she stuck to it. I was amazed at her.

She worked out every single day and completely cut all junk food out of her diet. There was no bread, no dairy, and no junk at all such as chips or fast food of any kind. I was really proud of her but after a while it seemed to just become an obsession. She never enjoyed food anymore.

She was always so concerned with her weight that food just became a calorie count in her mind. She wouldn’t see a plate of spaghetti, she would only see a plate of 500 calories. It got to a point where I was getting extremely frustrated because she would judge me for the way I ate.

She dropped from 180 pounds to a fit 120 pounds and don’t get me wrong, I was very proud of her. But her obsession seemed to be taking over and she still wasn’t satisfied with her already great body. I felt it was time for an intervention and I made her realize what she had become.

Thankfully I did, because even though it was hard, she broke down in tears telling me how hard it has been for her and how she missed enjoying a meal. So we found a balance and ever since she may have gained a few pounds but she is so much happier.

Finding A Balance

This is the key to weight loss in my opinion: finding a great balance. You can sometimes pig out on junk food, as long as most of your week is spent eating healthy and exercising. Something I have found that has definitely helped me a lot is buying a fruit smoothie blender.

If you haven’t tried a fruit smoothie blender you are missing out. This paid a pivotal role in both my sister’s and I’s health kick. We, as humans, need to fill our bodies with fruits and vegetables in order to maximize our nutrients.

This can be extremely hard for people as vegetables aren’t filled with the addicting sugar that us in this modern era always crave (this is mostly because of eating fast food, chips, and chocolate). I know for me, eating raw vegetables was a challenge until my sister told me to mix it in a smoothie.

I first bought my fruit smoothie blender a couple years ago and have never looked back. Every morning I fill it with a few pieces of fruit, a few pieces of vegetables, some plain Greek Yogurt, and Almond Milk and blend it all together.

The power of the fruit taste overpowers the bitter taste of the vegetables and it tastes amazing. I am still putting all the nutrients of the vegetables into my body without forcing myself to eat it.

Kids Love Smoothies

Buying a fruit smoothie blender is also great for kids! Kids always complain about eating their vegetables and it can be quite the challenge for any parent. But believe me when I say with a fruit smoothie blender, they will not even notice that there are vegetables in their drink.

You can just trick them and say they are drinking a “banana” drink or a “strawberry” drink. I do it all the time and feel great that we aren’t fighting anymore! I wish you all the best in your health journey and recommend you buy a fruit smoothie blender!