Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher 58143 Review

Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher blender is known for its versatility and affordability. The blender has 12 functions that enable you to try new recipes like salsa, party dips, and soup using just one machine.

It puts together (in one unit) the different machines used in the kitchen, hence making your kitchen look more organized, neat, and spacious. Its wave action system works amazingly, the wave crusher forces drinks and food down close to the blades resulting in smoother meals and consistent smoothies.

Yes, Hamilton beach wave crusher blends everything in the blender without leaving untouched or chunks of ingredients. So, if you are looking to mix ingredients or make smoothie for your little girl or boy, this is the blender for you. It doesn’t disappoint.

Its pour lid has the spout that helps you keep your kitchen clean. You won’t have to remove the lid when pouring the drink. A quick hint, remember to pour longer spout to avoid spilling smoothies or milkshakes all over your kitchen.

Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher 58143 is quite but powerful. Unlike other cheap models Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher cannot wake up a sleeping child in the room. It will grind, blend, mix, and crack ingredients quietly. The blender will help you to chop hard vegetables like carrots and celery, blend various fruits to smoothie and crush ice with a lot of ease and the results are always perfect.

Try different recipes using this blender and you will be surprised to have the most delicious meals ever. It will not disappoint like some blenders from other brands do. It’s made to deliver quality results.

The pitcher jar is made of glass. Its capacity is 40ounce (5 cups). The jar is also specially designed to help you keep the ice and the cold contents colder for longer periods of time. The pitcher is big enough to make smoothies or milkshakes for four individuals.

Note that having a lot of cold item in the blender than liquid resulting in the ingredients sticking on the jar side, making it hard for you to empty the content. To avoid this, do not store large amount of content.

Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher 58143 comes with a 20-ounce container the helps you make smaller batches. You don’t need to transfer the content to a different mug; you can carry the cup with you or put it in a fridge.

With its 12 function, this blender is capable of doing several things. Examples are crushing ice, milkshake, smoothie, chop and puree. Also, it has a pulse.

It is a great appliance to add to your kitchen. If you want to make the counter appealing, keep this machine on display all the times. It is black in colour and its cover is made of stainless steel. Remember its combines many kitchen appliances in one unit, hence keeping your kitchen clean.


  • A power of 700 Watts.
  • 40 oz. jar and 20 oz. small jar made of glass.
  • Made of stainless steel base.
  • It has a cold storage.
  • Its jar is heat resistant and it can withstand high temperatures that come.
  • The lid is mess-free and patented for easy pouring.
  • Its motor is durable and it can blend up to 8,000 drinks.
  • It has Wave-Action System that pushes the food and drinks down into the blade for easy blending.
  • It has 12 blending functions.


  • It has 12 blending functions for versatile use, options help in various things like puree, dice, and also crushing ice.
  • It has a 700W motor, large enough power for blending ingredients. It is long lasting and can blend up to 8,000 drinks.
  • Its pitcher has a capacity of 40-oz. This enables you to make meals for your entire family or friends. Also, it has a 20-oz jar that help make drink for one person and you can carry it away with you.
  • The Wave-Action system and Ice Sabre blades will ensure you have smoothly blended results.
  • The mess-free spout will enable you to pour the drinks easily.
  • The jar, lid, and blades are dishwasher safe.
  • Cold storage that enables you to maintain neatness and clutter free appearance.
  • It is good at making smoothies, margaritas and grinding coffee beans.
  • It is very easy to place the jar on base.
  • Lid is easily pulled off and put on and the cap can be used for measuring.
  • Its controls are easy to use.
  • It is relatively quiet.


  • It is difficult to assemble the blade if don’t follow the instruction guide.
  • Tomato sauce leaves stains on the jar.


The wave action makes the blending task easy. You won’t have to shake or lift the blender to have a consistent smoothie. The Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher 58143will save your time and provide you with a quite environment that you will enjoy working in.