How To Use A Fruit Smoothie Blender

Before I fully dive into telling you how to exactly use a fruit smoothie blender, I want to tell you a quick story about why I use these blenders. It starts all the way back to when I was a child and for the reason I decided to use the blender to trick my kids into eating vegetables.

As a child, I absolutely hated vegetables, as with most kids. I just found they tasted extremely bitter and I did not like the taste. My mom would try to feed me carrots, and I threw them away. She tried feeding me broccoli, and again I threw it all over the floor.

And don’t get me started on brussel sprouts; I wouldn’t even let her buy them at the grocery store. It was always such a hassle to get me to eat my vegetables that often times she would say at the dinner table, “Remember, if you don’t eat your vegetables you don’t get dessert!”

Many times, I thought she was bluffing, and I would definitely look at her and not even eat a crumb of my vegetables. Much to my dismay, she was not kidding, and I did not get any dessert that night.

With no dessert, I became extremely cranky, and I can’t even imagine what I put my poor mother through during dinners. I would scream and cry and yell, and she would calmly just remind me to eat my vegetables. But, being a kid, I never did listen to her and when she wasn’t looking I would always try to feed any form of vegetable to my dog.

Even he didn’t seem to like them and one time my Mom was not too pleased to find he had thrown up a lot of carrots on our carpet in the living room. I didn’t mind because I got a piece of chocolate cake that night, but I also was banned from the TV for two weeks, so I guess I lost in the end.

Slowly when I got older, my taste buds started changing and I began to eat my vegetables at the dinner table. My mom and I, to this day, still laugh about how hard I was on her to eat my vegetables, but I am so grateful for her constant patience with me.

So what does this have to do with getting a fruit smoothie blender? Well karma got me good when my wife and I had our special little boy, Evan. Evan reminded me a lot of myself when I was his age, and no, not in a good way.

If I hated vegetables, Evan seemed to DESPISE them. He even hated the word and he would cry, yell, and all around be such a handful at the dinner table that we could never eat in peace. I don’t know where he got the idea that vegetables were such a sin, but he wouldn’t even like to watch us eat them.

It was cute at first, but after a while it got a bit too much and he was providing constant headaches for my wife and I. This is when I started to use a fruit smoothie blender. I used it every morning for a great protein shake, but never thought to use it on my boy!

I would sneak in vegetables in a delicious fruit smoothie with chocolate milk and he would never know the difference! In fact, he loved the taste so much that he still keeps asking me every day for his “banana chocolate” drink. Little does he know that inside that drink is also spinach and carrots, but he can’t even taste them!

Using A Fruit Smoothie Blender

So how do you use a fruit smoothie blender. Well here is what I do: I put in some ice, a whole banana, and some blueberries and raspberries. Then I fill the blender cup with a cup of almond milk (or regular milk if you prefer) and also 2 tablespoons of Greek Yogurt.

Sometimes I even add a scoop of peanut butter. Then you can add some spinach leaves, or carrots, basically whatever vegetable you like! You will be amazed at how good it tastes and how you can’t taste the vegetables at all! I hope this helps you in using your fruit smoothie blender! I wish you all the best!