Oster Pro 1200 Review

If you are that person who has been cooking for decades, more likely than not, you are with familiar with Oster. It’s a top manufacturer of kitchenware, and Oster pro 1200 is a continuation of their legacy.

Yes, with its 24-ounce jug and 6-cup glass pitcher, the Oster Pro 1200 blender is more than an average blender. And a huge plus, it’s affordable. It is known for its longevity and good quality. It’s colour is brushed nickel, almost similar the color of stainless steel, but it is just a plastic designed to resemble a metal.

If you purchase the blender you will have two choices, you can either buy the full-sized blender that has a big pitcher or buy the smaller model. However, not all blenders offer both options. The closest I could find during my research is the Vitamix S30, but this blender is super expensive going for well over 400 – equivalent for the size of the full-sized Vitamix 5200.


  • It comes with seven speed settings (that includes three pre-set functions).
  • Has 1,200 watts power and 900 watts while crushing ice.
  • 6-cup dishwasher safe Boroclass glass jar that can withstand thermal shock.
  • It is 5” wide with 6 blade system that helps the machines make smoothies faster.
  • The drive system is metallic
  • It comes with 24 ounce smoothie mug.

Oster Pro 1200 has nine buttons that are pretty easy to access and use. The buttons in first row are: stop switch and on/ off switch. The stop button enables you to examine the ingredients without switching off the blender. From the bottom raw there is a second button, the pulse switch. It is the only button in that raw, making superfast to access even when blending.

The other row has the speeds. They include high, medium and low. At the top raw there is the easy and quick to use function buttons powered by the smart technology. The buttons are designed in such a way that you will be able to quickly make the most popular blender recipes.

First button will help make frozen and green smoothie, the second button enables you prepare food chop/salsa and the last button is used for milkshakes.

Oster Pro 1200 controls are raised but are not too high, so the food or dirt that will stick on them is limited.  Its cover makes it easy to clean. The blender is not one of the loudest. Actually, I would say it’s in the “silent category.”

Oster pro comes with two different containers. The first container has a pour spout that makes it easy to use. Its shape resembles the typical cylinder but the base is wide. The wide base enables the food to circulate easily, while making the food won’t stick at the base of the blender.

The best part about this wide base is that it makes sure the blades hits everything to give a consistent blend. The blender has a lid attached to the container.

It is tight and doesn’t loosen when blending. The blender and the container are separate pieces. The container holds six cups, and there is a room left so that you will be able to pour the mix easily.

The 2nd Oster Pro 1200 container is a 24-ounce smoothie cup. It’s made of plastic, but it’s amazingly strong. The good thing about the cup is that you will blend everything in it without transferring to another container.


  • It is affordable
  • It enables you make large batches and small batches without purchasing separate containers.
  • It has 1,200 watt motor that is powerful.
  • Its blade is 3.5” large and reaches everything in blender hence processing consistence smoothie.
  • It easy to clean


  • It has a heavy glass jar.
  • It can’t make nut butter.

And how does it work?

Let the cup stand on a flat base, put all your ingredients, wrap it with the blades lid, turn it over, put it on the blender and blend. Once it is through with the blending, remove the cup, the blade lid and cover the mix with the drinking lid.

Oster Pro 1200 has the 24 ounce jug and 6 cups pitcher made of glass. It is flexible and it allows you to make large batches using the pitcher and medium batches using a single serve cup.

The 1200 motor is powerful enough to enable you to make smoothies, crush ice, makes frozen dessert and salsa. The blender cannot make nut butter because it lacks the motor and a tamper, but it’s pulverize the dried nuts. The blender provides you with 900 watts power when crushing ice.

Unlike other blenders in the market, Oster Pro 1200 comes with 3 pre-programmed functions. You just push a button and walk away to perform other kitchen tasks. The functions are, food chop/salsa, milkshakes and frozen/ green smoothies.

Also, it has three speed setting and a pulse function. The blender will make the modern kitchen look more attractive. It is not tall so you will not have a problem storing it: it measures 14” and you can put it on your counter or in a cabinet.

It has a compact size that’s easy to clean. The pitcher can be watched both on the inside and outside with the ordinary dishwasher. Simply put a drop of dishwashing soap, put on the blender for 30 secs and later rinse it. When washing it with hands always be careful, like any other blander, the blades are sharp and they can easily cut your fingers.


For people who rarely blend, Oster Pro 1200 is a good- performing and affordable blender. Unlike the cheap blenders, its connection between the base and the jar is all metallic. It is also large and it comes with a good motor.