Our Top 5 Favorite Small Blenders of the Year

We’d all love to be able to blend up our favorite smoothie recipe whenever the craving hits, whether it’s first thing in the morning or mid-afternoon at the office. But most of us don’t think about carrying a blender around every day. The size and weight of most products make that impractical.

Not all blenders have to take up a lot of room, though. There are some great smaller models that work just as well as their larger counterparts and are significantly more portable and practical.

Whether you want a blender you can carry with you to and from the office — or are just looking for an appliance that won’t take up a lot of room on your counter — a small blender could be right for you.

Read on to learn about our top 5 favorite small blenders of this year.

1. The NutriBullet PRO

NutriBullet has long been a trusted brand for small blenders, and the NutriBullet PRO lives up to that reputation. Because it’s designed for personal, single smoothie use, it’s easy to pack up and transport. But if you do want to keep it permanently in your kitchen, you won’t have to sacrifice a lot of counter space to do so.

You also won’t sacrifice on performance. The Nutribullet PRO’s powerful motor blends the toughest fruits and vegetables quickly and easily, so you’ll get the consistency and texture you want from your smoothie.

2. Comfee Personal Blender

The sleek design and light weight of the Comfee Personal Blender make it a great option for carrying back and forth. It also provides the convenience of being able to drink your smoothie right from the cup you blend it in and comes with travel lids for easy drinking.

Made from stainless steel and dishwasher safe, it’s a great everyday option.

3. Jamba Appliances Quiet Shield Blender

If you’re planning on using your blender at your office or in a small apartment, the noise it makes is probably a concern. To cut down on the disruption, consider the Jamba Appliances Quiet Shield Blender. It’s built to be quieter than similar blenders and comes with a sound enclosure to minimize noise even further.

This blender includes both a 32-ounce shatterproof jar and a 20-ounce travel cup with a flip-top lid, so you can easily take your favorite smoothie with you throughout the day.

4. Cuisinart SmartPower Compact Portable Blender

If you’re looking for a portable blender that does it all, consider the Cuisinart SmartPower Compact Portable Blender. It can blend and chop so you can make your favorite smoothies easily, and the electronic touchpad allows for user-friendly operation.

The blender comes with four travel cups, so you can share with your family or just cut down on the dishes for yourself!

5. Hamilton Beach Personal Blender

If you’re looking for a more affordable personal blender that still delivers on performance, the Hamilton Beach Personal Blender is it. The 175-watt motor is fast and reliable and the 14-ounce blending jar doubles as a travel cup.

If you love to have smoothies throughout the day, this blender is a great option. At such an affordable price, you can afford to keep one at home and at the office without sacrificing counter or desk space.

Want to Know More About the Benefits of Small Blenders?

Being able to easily store a blender and travel with your smoothie once it’s made is the kind of convenience we’re all looking for in our daily routine. Anyone of these small blenders will make it easy for you to make your favorite nutritious and tasty drink no matter where you are or where you’re going.

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