Test Out Your Juice Blender With 5 Fruity Recipes

Though it’s one of the hottest health topics around, juicing is more than a trend.

Juices offer consumers a direct dose of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants, all in a portable form they can take on-the-go.

If you just bought a juice blender, you may have spent some time learning about its operation. You probably know what all the parts do, and how to adjust the speed settings, and how to properly clean it.

Today, we’re going to explore the fun side of your new purchase — the fruity recipes you can make! From the simple to the complex, there’s no limit to the combinations you can create.

Ready to see five of our favorites? Plug in your blender and let’s get started!

1. Simple Carrot-Orange Juice

The USDA suggests that we should strive to consume one and a half to two cups of fruit every day. We should also intake two to three cups of vegetables.

Yet, according to recent research, 75% of Americans don’t get that much fruit, and 87% fail to consume that many veggies.

With this simple concoction, you can be well on your way to reaching your goal, as it combines both fruit and vegetables for a delicious kick!

Step 1: Chunk up one yellow tomato, one orange, and one apple.

Step 2: Process these through your juice blender.

Step 3: Peel four carrots, and process them next, then serve the final juice over ice for a cool-down that delivers!

2. The “Berry Delicious” Creation

Seeking an alternative to all the high-sugar artificial fruit juice available at the supermarket today? Save time, money and empty calories by making a healthier version yourself at home!

Step 1: Core one medium apple.

Step 2: Wash one cup of blueberries, and one-third cup of strawberries.

Step 3: Process all three ingredients in your juice blender, starting with the apple, and you’re done!

3. A Tropical Twist

Just because it’s Tuesday at noon doesn’t mean you can’t take a little island vacation!

This drink marries the tropical, tart flavor of kiwi with the sweetness of pear for a punch that’ll make you think you’re in paradise!

Step 1: Peel two kiwis (you can skip this step if you’d prefer – the skins will get pulverized in your blender!)

Step 2: Core one apple and three pears.

Step 3: Process all six fruits in your juice blender, and enjoy!

4. The Cabbage Cameo

This juice is such a pretty, rich shade of blue you’d never guess the surprise guest making an appearance — cabbage!

Loaded with anthocyanins that deliver a powerful health boost, red cabbage adds unmatched flavor and complexity to this favorite.

Step 1: Slice one-third of a head of red cabbage.

Step 2: Peel and chunk one cucumber and one apple.

Step 3: Rinse one cup of blueberries, then process them with the rest of the ingredients through your juice blender, starting with the cabbage.

5. The Sweet-Tart Trifecta

Craving something sweet, but not too sugary? This recipe is the perfect blend, offering the tartness of cranberry, combined with the just-right taste of pineapple and apple!

Step 1: Core one apple and one-half of a pineapple, removing the rind.

Step 2: Rinse one-half cup of cranberries.

Step 3: Process the apple, pineapple, and cranberries through your juice blender and start sipping!

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Are these recipes making your mouth water? Are you looking for a quick and easy way to add more produce to your diet?

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