Hanmeius Multi Speed Commercial Power Blender Review

Last year was probably the most exciting year so far in my life: I finally bought a house with my wife! It is something that has always been on my bucket list and to be able to fulfill that dream was an incredible feeling.

But, as I’m sure many of you have experienced, buying a house came with costs I had no idea even existed until I bought it. First and foremost, obviously, is the house itself. Getting a mortgage and what not, and putting your down payment on the house. (or, even more expensive, buying materials to fully build a new house) What I totally did not think about was the costs afterwards: because what good is an empty house?

A house is nothing unless it is filled with things, so my wife and I began searching for what appliances, furniture, and additions we wanted to fill our house with. It was then that I came across the wonders of online shopping.

Obviously, I knew that online shopping existed, but until I started buying things for my house, I never realized how much money it can save you. Online shopping websites usually come with free shipping, if you buy over a certain amount, and this saves you both time and money on gas.

As well, all of the online deals around a certain holiday (such as Black Friday or Boxing Day) are also online! This saves you a lot of time and effort on those days because they are crazy! Take it from my personal experience of waiting in line at a store for over 2 hours! I am not kidding!

Lately, I have been scouring the internet to buy a new blender to make smoothies, to start eating more vegetables and fruits this year. One blender brand is the Hanmeius Multi Speed Electric Commercial Power Blender. It is available online for purchase!


The Hanmeius Multi Speed Electric Commercial Power Blender comes with a variety of features to blend healthy foods together to maximize the nutrients being put into your body on a daily basis. These features include:

  • Commercial-grade 2.2-peak horsepower motor is able to blend the toughest ingredients.
  • SMART Manual + automatic Control switch help you to better control the speed .
  • Blades USE the food grade high carbon steel!
  • Better extraction plant biochemistry from Vegetable, Fruit etc.
  • 2L Work bowl + Stirring Rod + Rubber cover + Handheld screen pack
  • GRAVITY SWITCH, remove the cup immediately without electricity
  • Motor overheating protection device. When the motor overheating, machine automatic power outages
  • Mixing container cup body with insulation materials
  • Cup made of safety explosion-proof baby food grade material, the square cup body, increase the rate of broken wall 40%.BPA free container. Cup is smooth and easy to wash
  • The product comes with 1-Month Free Trial & 2-Year Warranty (all parts are included) & Extended 5-Year Warranty for the motor and the main body.


  • Very powerful
  • Extremely safe
  • Fantastic Warranty
  • Huge workspace
  • High carbon steel is an asset
  • Really makes delicious food


  • There can be a burning smell when you use it, I have found


As I said before, buying online is definitely the way to go as I believe it saves you money. I basically used online shopping for every piece of furniture in the house and every kitchen appliance. I love informing people on what to buy and what not to buy, and that is my main purpose through this article. But remember this is just my personal opinion and even if I love it, you may hate it!

All that being said, I definitely recommend buying the Hanmeius Multi Speed Electric Commercial Power Blender as it is a fantastic blender that also promotes such amazing safety features. This is a must for me as I have a few young children at home.

Many blenders available online do not have any safety precautions and I have got rid of them because it is a danger to my young ones. But the Hanmeius is so safe while at the same time being an incredibly powerful machine!