Healthy Kickstarter Blender Review

If there’s anything that brings my family together: it’s food. Food really is such a community thing. I’ve been going to various relatives house my entire life just to have a nice meal whether it be at breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

My background is Italian, so you can only imagine how important food is to us and socializing around the dinner table is to my entire family. And don’t even get me started on Holidays: oh boy! At Christmas time the amount of food we have at my Grandmother’s house is ridiculous, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I really do love all kinds of food. The way it blends with a delicious wine, and the way different foods taste together. It is like heaven in your mouth!

Being a food fanatic, my wife and I enjoy going to various restaurants and always pushing each other to try different things on the menu. I just find it is a great way to get out of my comfort zone, which is usually going to just one restaurant and ordering my favorite meal over and over again (which happens to be a delicious Burger and salty french fries).

This way I get to experience items on the menu that I would’ve never chosen before and expand my taste buds to accept new ways of eating.

However, with all this eating I have been doing I have started to notice my weight begin to increase. I feel that my metabolism is starting to catch up with me! So I have been looking for ways to eat more fruits and vegetables. This is why I’ve looked into buying a new smoothie blender!

One blender brand is the Healthy Kickstarter Blend & Go Stainless Steel 300W Blender! You can buy it on many online stores today!


The Healthy Kickstarter Blend & Go Stainless Steel 300W Blender comes with a variety of features to blend healthy foods together to maximize the nutrients being put into your body on a daily basis. These features include:

  • The Duronic BL3 blender is the perfect solution for you to take out a fresh drink with the flavours you like everyday to your places of work, study, gym or even in the home
  • Designed to increase blending control with a push down operation so you can easily decide which consistency your drink turns out to be
  • Efficient and powerful motor you can easily crush ice and make a smooth textured drink.
  • Come with 2 X 600ml BPA free bottle: 1 X Clear bottle with black lid & 1 X Red bottle with black lid
  • BPA is a special material which is non toxic and can be used again and again
  • The blender comes with a white or stainless steel base so you can choose a model that best suits your kitchen
  • So easy to use and clean, you will realise the benefits of this machine instantly
  • Dishwasher safe parts (except motor unit)


  • Very powerful
  • Extremely simple to set up
  • Comes with fantastic environmentally friendly bottles
  • Great way to choose consistency of your smoothie
  • I found it really easy to clean


  • One of my bottles came with a crack in it, and I’ve yet to get a new one in the mail


I just want to remind you, before my final verdict, that this is just my personal opinion. Even though I may like this product (or hate it) you may think the opposite! Always try out something for yourself!

All that being said, I do recommend buying the Healthy Kickstarter Blend & Go Stainless Steel 300W Blenderas it truly is a great blender. I have had no problems with the blender itself as it is very powerful and I found it easy to use.

Just a warning that I have is one of my extra bottles came with a crack in it. Even though I love the blender, their customer service hasn’t been too quick to get back to me and therefore I am stuck with a bottle that won’t work.